Happy Customers

I’ve enjoyed working with Citizens. More important, the project produced more electricity than anyone expected. This is great for our customers, since they will benefit from the low cost clean energy.
Brian Beauregard, Holyoke Gas & Electric Department
Working with a local company was important to me and my family. Citizens is very professional and always has our well-being in mind.
Steven Zicolella, Landowner, MUSHY’s Solar Landfill, Agawam, MA
Going solar was an important decision for the economic and environmental sustainability of our farmland. Citizens went the extra mile to take care of our neighbors in the construction process, showing real heart.
Dave Bliss, Landowner, Bliss Dairy
Citizens Solar installations generate enough clean electricity to offset 1,044 households each year for twenty years.
106 GWh
Citizens Solar has produced 106 GWh of electricity for communities along the east coast.
8 territories
Citizens Solar operates within 8 different utility service territories, and 24 different communities.
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