We own and operate solar, battery storage, microgrid and transmission projects from coast to coast.

Our Industries


Citizens Energy develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates utility-scale, ground-mounted projects that generate green energy while producing positive local impacts. We work in partnership with municipalities, utilities, schools, individuals and industrial clients, offering customized solar energy solutions paired with flexibility to meet the needs of each partner.

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Citizens Transmission develops cutting-edge, high-voltage transmission lines that bring green energy from rural areas to densely populated electric load centers.

Our unique investment model means we partner with investor-owned and public utilities and large energy companies to build crucial pathways from green energy generation to end-users, while using our profits from these projects to provide energy affordability for low-income families in the communities impacted by the construction.

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Battery Storage & Microgrids

Our systems provide lower electricity costs and increase resiliency in our clients' energy infrastructure to address risks with climate or other disaster-related outages.

Our microgrid developments integrate locally generated energy resources with distribution to operate in parallel with the electric grid or in an island mode, increasing resiliency in our clients' energy infrastructure in case of outages as well as lowering their electricity costs.

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