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Citizens Energy Corporation's first steps into solar came in 1980 with pilot projects in early stage residential solar technology. In 2010, Citizens once again picked up the mantle to become a national leader in solar development.

Citizens Energy develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates utility-scale, ground-mounted projects that generate green energy while producing positive local impacts.


Our integrated development process means we stick with our partners from the first evaluation through the life of the asset.

Specializing in photovoltaic technology, Citizens Energy builds projects in partnership with municipalities, utilities, schools, individuals and industrial clients. We offer customized solar energy solutions paired with flexibility to meet the needs of each partner.

A national leader in community solar



Citizens Energy owns and operates JOE-4-SUN, the largest low-income community solar program in Massachusetts. Comprised of seven solar arrays, six in Massachusetts and one in New York, the innovative program provides over 20 megawatts of affordable green energy to families in need across both states. Subscribers unlock access to previously unaffordable green energy while also saving $300 to $400 each year.


Imperial Valley Solar

Citizens Energy owns and operates the largest low-income community solar project in the country. The 30-megawatt array in Imperial Valley, California, provides discount electricity to 12,000 low-income families each year. The 200-acre, 107,000-panel installation fulfills a key part of Citizens Energy’s mission to develop cutting-edge green technologies that make the renewable energy revolution accessible for all.

A pioneer in brownfield redevelopment

Citizens Energy specializes in building ground-mounted solar projects on environmentally contaminated sites to turn brownfields into productive assets that generate revenue for their owners.


In our site-selection process, we give preference to landfills, brownfields and Superfund sites so that we can transform blighted wastelands into productive energy developments. We have transformed 15 sites, including two EPA Superfund sites, into clean energy projects that directly benefit the local communities impacted by these formerly polluted plots.


A national force in solar advancement

Citizens Energy owns and operates 41 solar arrays in five states across the country. In just 10 years, we have built a diverse and robust portfolio of photovoltaic installations throughout the United States. Citizens Energy is committed to building a greener future for all generations to come.

Our projects

  • Imperial Valley, CA

    Imperial Valley

    Site info: built on land owned by the local municipal utility.

    LICSS site: the largest low income community shared solar project in the country, providing discount energy to 12,000 qualified families living in the Imperial Irrigation District territory.

    • Ground-mounted solar panels
    • single axis tracker
  • Jenkins County, GA

    Old Midville Solar

    Site info: built on a closed dairy farm.

    COMMUNITY BENEFIT: transforms an unproductive agricultural property into an innovative generator of green energy.

    • Ground-mounted solar panels
    • single axis tracker
  • Castle Creek, NY

    Chenango Solar

    Site info: built on underutilized, family-owned farmland.

    LICSS SITE: Provides discount energy to 320 families in need through our JOE-4-SUN program.

    • Ground-mounted solar panels
  • Ashland, MA

    Ashland Solar

    Site info: built on a private EPA Superfund Site.

    LICSS SITE: Provides discount energy to 625 low-income families subscribed to our JOE-4-SUN program.

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15Imperial Valley

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