Imperial Irrigation District Energy Announces the Green Path Project

Imperial Irrigation District Energy Announces the Green Path Project

El Centro, California — The Imperial Irrigation District has announced a new initiative called the Green Path Project to export clean, renewable energy to Southern California residents.

The Green Path Project is a joint effort including Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Citizens Energy. The project’s final results will be new geothermal generators and enhanced transmission capacity that will allow for greater exportation of renewable energy to LADWP. Financial support will be distributed equally among all residents in the region.

Upgrades of existing transmission lines and new interconnection points will enable LADWP to meet California’s new energy requirements. LADWP, the nation’s largest municipal utility company, will enhance the efforts to attain the renewable geothermal energy from the Imperial Valley.

“We’re proud to work with the great IID teams on the Green Path Project. We will not only address the important issues of reliability, redundancy, and transmission bottlenecks but also produce benefits to serve low-income households throughout the areas served by the initiative,” said Joseph P. Kennedy II, founder of Citizens Energy.

IID Energy is a consumer-owned electric utility that provides power to over 130,000 customers in the Coachella Valley, and a portion of San Diego County. As an independent transmission provider, IID Energy has become the greatest transmitter of geothermal energy in the nation. IID Energy is also one of four control areas in California that includes LADWP, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and the California Independent System Operator.