Our Mission

Citizens Energy Corporation was founded by former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II in 1979 to make life's basic needs more affordable. The company has provided over $600 million in charitable benefits through our profits from dozens of successful businesses.

Our History

Non-profit Citizens Energy Corporation was founded in 1979 to make life's basic needs more accessible and affordable. When Citizens was founded, oil majors were making record profits off fuel sales needy Americans could barely afford.

Citizens bought crude oil from producing countries, shipped, refined and sold it, while sending heating oil produced by the refineries to needy households having trouble keeping up with the costs of staying warm. The company's oil heat program eventually served millions of Americans in 23 states and the District of Columbia. As America's energy needs evolved, Citizens has expanded into renewable energy and transmission projects while continuing to use profits to assist low-income households.

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Our Team
Joseph P. Kennedy II
Founder & Chairman
Joseph P. Kennedy III
Peter Smith
Ernie Panos
Kristina Perez
Director of Charitable Programs
Brian Morrissey
Managing Director
Michael Kennedy
President of Citizens International
Brian O’Connor
VP of Public Affairs

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